Punch TV Multi-media company Fifty million Dollar IPO to form new job opportunities in Hollywood

After previously delivering in various metropolitan areas throughout the United States, such as Pensacola, Houston, Chicago, plus many more, CEO Joseph Collins has officially brought Punch TV System to Los Angeles!

Punch TV Studios $50 million dollar elevation CEO of Punch Movie Studios with Lisa Raye

Punch TV Network was well-known as an entertainment television association where the focal design is urban based broadcasting and keeps growing to swiftly progress into a television net with much more to offer people. Executive Rachel Ramos stated " Punch TV is further more than merely simply Hollywood news headlines." The People’s Network, as its often been referred to by viewers because of Mr. Collins ’ faithful support of new corporations, directors and filmmakers. Punch gives a vast range of shows, like the The Hollywood Punch Report, which offers you Hollywood gossip and news. In the TV business the model appears to be that tv networks pioneer programming most every year, while other networks appear to be part of a boring fad due to their constant dependence on past TV programs and more than that re-runs, but, Punch TV came to be born alongside the thought that television needs to be exclusive and starting from the crib has forever maintained 70% innovative broadcasting. This net has its target on the hearts of young adults.( #PunchTV ).

It was born as a digital TV network ( Over-The-Air, OTA, FTA ), and is at the moment planning to start-up on a full power station in the Los Angeles, California, demographic market area 2 ( DMA 2 ), and certainly that means contributing over 15 million households to the network. The awesome coming is taking Tinsel Town by surprise considering that it opens the entrances for Punch to compose its switch into the cable and satellite systems as well as facilitates the people to once in for allfeel the best in urban television.

Punch TV has constantly united itself alongside its neighborhoods. Its local communityapproach has extended to interacting alongside neighborhood government authorities, inviting people’s advice, and attaching its concentration on the urban marketplace as well as multi-ethnic groups. It is actually a company like none other.

In setting up for the incredible coming, communities have all started to begin on a strategy, and have associated themselves in Punch TV ’s development.

Followers have taken it upon themselves to phone their hometown cable providers and state their desire for Punch TV.

Connect as well be a pillar for such a significant television network and don’t forget to clearly express to your cable supplier by telling the noted saying, " I Want My Punch TV . " #Hot-IPO

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