The Launch of the Punch Movie Association

After previously broadcasting in multiple towns all through the United States of America, such as Pensacola, Houston, Chicago, in addition to a lot more, President Joseph Collins has officially introduced Punch Television Group to Los Angeles!

Punch TV Studios $50 million dollar raise Joseph Collins with LisaRaye McCoy

Punch TV Association was initially recognized as an entertainment TV association in whose center focus is urban based broadcasting and continues to earnestly progress into a TV association with much extra to give the people. Executive Rachel Ramos said " Punch TV is further more as compared to mere Hollywood headlines." The People’s Network, as its frequently been referenced to by tv audiences because of Mr. Collins ’ ardent buttress of independent producers, administrators and film makers. Punch offers you a wide array of programs, for instance the The Hollywood Punch Report, which offers you Hollywood chit chat along with announcements. In the TV business the routine looks to be that companies introduce programming every single year, while other networks look as if to be part of a lifeless wave because of their regular reliance on earlier television shows and re-runs, nevertheless, Punch TV was developed alongside the initiative that TV must be exclusive and starting from the beginning has always had 70% original broadcasting. This net carries its attention on the pulse of young folks.( #PunchTV ).

It was born as a digital TV net ( Over-The-Air, OTA, FTA ), plus is at this time setting up to debut on a full power station in the Los Angeles, California, demographic market area 2 ( DMA 2 ), so that means adding over 15 million residences to the network. Such a exhilarating coming is taking Tinsel Town by rage because it slides open the gates for Punch to make its switch into the cable and satellite systems as well as helps the people to once in for allexperience the best in urban TV.

Punch TV has always concerned itself with its local communities. Its communityapproach has expanded to interacting with neighborhood governments, accepting viewer comments, and positioning its attention on the urban marketplace and as multi-ethnic communities. It is in fact a network similar to no other.

In planning for this kind of interesting delivery, communities have all started to start on a movement, and have concerned themselves in Punch TV ’s development.

Supporters have taken it upon themselves to talk to their nearest cable companies and state their desire for Punch TV.

Connect as well be a supporter for such a notable television association so keep in mind to simply urge your cable provider by asserting the well-known expression, " I Want My Punch TV . " #50milliondollarIPO

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